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Dedication to Excellence

At Cenvar Roofing, we specialize in providing homeowners with high-quality, durable, and sustainable metal roofing solutions. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to delivering exceptional workmanship and customer service to ensure that your home stays protected and stylish for years to come.

As an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Roofing Contractor, we are committed to using only the best materials and installation techniques for your metal roof. Our metal roofing systems are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, provide fire resistance, and boost the curb appeal of your home.

Choose Cenvar Roofing for your professional metal roofing installation needs and experience the difference in quality, service, and peace of mind.

Why Choose Metal Roofing?

  • Durability: Metal roofs have a potential lifespan of 50+ years with proper maintenance and care
  • Fire Resistance: Metal is non-combustible and provides added protection against fires
  • Environmentally Friendly: Metal roofs are made from sustainable materials and can be recycled
  • Energy Efficiency: Metal roofs reflect solar heat, reducing energy costs and keeping your home cooler
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Available in a variety of colors and styles to complement any home exterior

Our Metal Roofing Installation Process

  1. Free Estimate: Contact us to schedule a free, no-obligation estimate for your metal roof installation
  2. Roof Assessment: Our team will assess your current roof and help you choose the best metal roofing solution for your needs
  3. Professional Installation: Our skilled technicians will carefully install your new metal roof, ensuring a perfect fit and lasting protection
  4. Quality Inspection: We ensure that your new roof meets our high standards and complies with Owens Corning's stringent guidelines
  5. Clean-Up & Follow-Up: We'll leave your property clean and provide ongoing support for any questions or concerns you may have

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a metal roof cost compared to a shingle roof?

Metal roofs generally have a higher upfront cost than shingle roofs, but they provide a longer lifespan and require less maintenance, making them a wise long-term investment. Read more about Does a Metal Roof Cost More than a Shingle Roof here.

What types of metal roofing materials do you use?

We use high-quality, American-made metal roofing materials that come with a 40-year finish warranty for long-lasting durability and style.

Can a metal roof be installed over my existing shingle roof?

In some cases, a metal roof can be installed over an existing shingle roof, but we recommend removing the old roof to ensure the best possible installation and performance.

Do metal roofs require any special maintenance?

Metal roofs are low-maintenance, but occasional cleaning and inspection are recommended to ensure your roof stays in peak condition.

Are metal roofs noisy during rain or hailstorms?

With proper insulation and installation, metal roofs are no noisier than other roofing materials during rain or hailstorms.

How long does a metal roof installation take?

The installation time for a metal roof varies depending on the size and complexity of the project but typically takes between 1-3 days.

What colors are available for metal roofing?

We offer 21 unique colors for our metal roofing materials, ensuring you'll find the perfect shade to complement your home's exterior. Read more on Are Black Metal Roofs Hot and The Four Most Popular Metal Roofing Colors.

Do you offer financing options for metal roofing installation?

Yes, we offer flexible financing options to help make your metal roofing project more affordable. Contact us for more information on our financing plans.

Will a metal roof increase the value of my home?

Yes, a metal roof can increase the value of your home due to its durability, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. Homebuyers often prefer homes with metal roofs because they require less maintenance and have a longer lifespan compared to other roofing materials.

Can you install metal roofs on all types of homes?

Yes, we can install metal roofs on a variety of home styles, including traditional, contemporary, and historic homes. Our team will work with you to choose the best metal roofing solution for your specific needs and preferences.

Can You Put Solar Panels on a Metal Roof?

Yes! You can put solar panels on a metal roof. Metal roofs are actually highly compatible with solar panel installations, making them an excellent choice for homeowners considering solar energy.

Experience the Cenvar Roofing Difference

Upgrade your home's protection and style with a professional metal roofing installation by Cenvar Roofing. Our skilled team of Lynchburg roofing contractors are dedicated to delivering exceptional craftsmanship and customer service, ensuring your new metal roof will stand the test of time. Contact us today for a free estimate and discover the benefits of a high-quality metal roof for your home. We also have metal roofing contractors in Roanoke, VA. Read about Roofing in Cold Weather.

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