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Work Safely, Get Home Safely

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Cenvar is an approved training center for HSI for Adult, Child & Infant CPR. First AID & AED certification
Cenvar Roofing & Solar understands the safety of our employees and customers is paramount and we would not be in business without them.

Cenvar’s executives and leadership are committed to providing employees, subcontractors, and customers with a safe work environment.
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Cenvar has enacted safety-related policies and procedures to ensure we operate safely and within OSHA/VOSH standards.

The Cenvar safety officer and branch general managers conduct frequent directed and random job site safety inspections to ensure our work crews are working safely.

Cenvar conducts safety training with our employees and work crews on several topics including ladders, fall protection, falling objects, securing loads, driver safety, and more.

Cenvar conducts weekly safety meetings with our employees and work crews at all of our branch locations. We have enacted stepped discipline and rewards for our work crews to encourage safety.

We certify them in Adult, Child & Infant CPR, First Aid & AED so they can have the confidence and training to handle emergencies should they arise.

Cenvar also requires employees to complete, at minimum, the OSHA 10-hour construction safety awareness training.

In 2023, Cenvar created a Safety Committee comprised of employees from all branches and divisions.

The Cenvar safety committee is employee-led and opens communication between the front-line worker and the executives for safety-related matters.

The safety committee members are provided additional safety and leadership development training.

Cenvar is a Child Passenger Seat Check Station.
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Cenvar has Child Passenger Seat Technicians (CPSTs) credentialed through Safe Kids Worldwide, available by appointment to help you be sure your little one is secured and in a proper child seat or booster.

To schedule your FREE child seat check, please complete the Child Seat Check Appointment form below.

According to Safe Kids and the CDC, road-related injuries are the leading cause of preventable death and injuries to children in the United States.

When used correctly, child seats can reduce a child’s risk of death by 71 percent! More than half of the child seats examined are not used or installed correctly.

CPSTs can educate you on the proper use and best practices of your child seats. At Cenvar, one of our core values is Growth. Growth can apply to anything but for us, growth is being committed to continuous personal and professional development. This growth mindset includes our safety program.

We know we are not perfect but we are always improving and finding ways to be safer. If you have any safety-related questions or concerns, please contact Nate Hertzog at safety@cenvarroofing.com.

Have a great day and be safe!

Child Seat Inspection/Check Appointment form

One study showed that up to 46% of observed car seats and booster seats were used or installed incorrectly.

With one person in the nation injured every 13 seconds during a motor vehicle crash, ensuring that you are using best practice safety measures for your loved one by having one of our certified car seat safety technicians check your car seat can help to minimize injuries or devastating loss of life due to preventable mistakes.

Make an appointment today! This appointment is FREE and there is no obligation to receive this service.

Appointments are currently only available at our corporate headquarters located at 1207 Fenwick Dr. Lynchburg VA 24502.

Please complete this form to the best of your ability...

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Infant/Child/Booster Seat to be inspected:

Inspections can still be performed regardless of your selections.

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Caregivers should expect the child/infant/booster seat inspection to take approximately 30 minutes to one hour to complete.

The inspection will consist of observation by the caregiver(s) of the proper installation of the seat by the technician, then the caregiver(s) will properly install the seat themselves into their vehicle prior to departure to complete the inspection.

Caregivers should bring all available vehicle and child seat manufacturer manuals with them to the inspection.

Any further questions can be directed to Nate Hertzog at safety@cenvarroofing.com.

You will be contacted upon receipt of your submitted form to confirm the appointment.