When To Replace a Roof in Richmond VA

April 3, 2023

When Do You Need to Replace a Roof in Richmond VA?

There are several signs that you need to replace your Richmond, VA, roof. They can be anything from missing shingles to leaks to sags. Here are some of the most common reasons you need to replace a roof in Richmond.

Shingles Are Missing

If there is one shingle missing then likely all you need is for a roofing contractor in Richmond to come up onto your roof and examine it and replace the shingle. However, the roofing contractor might find that there is more extensive damage–especially if the shingle has been missing for some time and allowing water to get into the roof system.Also, if more than one shingle is missing, then that’s a sign that the shingles are either wearing out or that a major weather event occurred which has compromised the roof. All of these can be reasons to replace a roof in Richmond.

Leaks and Water Stains

If you’re noticing any leaks coming through your attic, your ceiling, or water damage dripping down the walls, then it is likely time to replace the roof. Shingle roofs generally last 15 to 25 years and if it’s been getting close to that, then replace the roof.


If you’re noticing sagging in your roof this is a major red flag that it’s time to replace a roof. When sagging occurs, it is almost always because there’s a problem with either the sheathing or the roof trusses. These problems are serious, indicating rot and heavy damage. Replace a roof before the roof collapses!

How long does it take to install a new roof?

It doesn’t take long to replace a roof at all. The roof of a 3000 square foot home can be replaced, start to finish, in one day if the proper preparations are made and the weather is good.Reasons that new roof replacement may take longer than that is if the house is larger, the roof steeper, or if the house has accessibility issues. For example, a house that’s far from the road and surrounded by trees may take a little longer. But hardly any roof would take longer than 3-5 days.

Do I need to move out of my home for a roof replacement?

There will be some disruption to your daily life with the pounding hammers and tromping of feet up on your roof. And if the new roof replacement requires new sheathing and new trusses then there may be more construction going on than you want to deal with. But, as mentioned above, most roofs can be replaced in a single day. There’s no need to move our for that.

Can a roof be replaced in one day?

Yes, a 3000 square foot roof can be replaced in one day. Work with our team at Cenvar Roofing in Richmond, VA, and we’ll make sure that all the preparations are taken care of so we can be in and out.

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