When Is the Best Time to Get a New Roof?

April 3, 2023

When Is the Best Time to Get a New Roof?

Some say spring is the best time to get a new roof.

Some say that the winter is best.

Nope, Summer has to be best to get a roof replacement.

Oh, wait. Fall is considered the best time.

How are you able to figure out the best time to get a new roof with all these different answers?You might possibly notice that two of these answers were answered by the same company - Joy Land Roofing.Their blog post goes over all the different seasons and the pros and cons of each season not giving the answer to the actual best time to get a new roof.

So how do you determine when is the best time to get a new roof?

You’ve got all the seasons that others will say are the best times to get your roof replaced.The roofing season in Virginia and surrounding states can be year-round.Many people wonder when the roofing season ends but for us, it’s never-ending!Ultimately, it comes down to when your home needs a new roof and when you’re comfortable replacing it.Whatever season you’re in, you’ll have people telling you that another season or even this season is the best.There are pros and cons for different seasons but at the end of the day, you’re protecting your biggest investment. Your home.Your home needs protection year-round making every season the best time to replace a roof.

Are roofs replaced in the winter in Maine?

You’d better believe it!It’s time to take the shovel out, shovel off the roof, and get to work replacing the roof!When it’s time for a new roof, the season doesn’t matter.But it does matter what roofing contractor you choose to put on the roof.How do they handle the materials to make sure that installation is up to the manufacturer's guidelines and instructions?Check out this blog post about roofing in the winter from a home construction company in Maine!

What is the best temperature to replace a roof?

You’ll commonly find these temperatures quoted when looking up this question.Does that mean you shouldn’t replace your roof when it’s outside of these temperatures? No!Owen’s Corning installation manual doesn’t have a temperature guideline for when you can and cannot install a roof.

Will new shingles seal in cold weather?

What is important to note is that shingles may look a little bumpy right after installation when your roof is replaced in colder weather.With some sun and time, your shingles will lay flat and your roof will be properly protected.

What temperature is too cold for roofing?

The most important aspect of replacing a roof in cold weather is if your roof is installed properly.So, can you replace your roof in the winter? Yes!In fact, we have a great blog post about why winter is a great time for a roof replacement!

Is it cheaper to replace a roof in the winter?

Generally, yes!The winter is generally a slower time for roofing companies and lower rates could help a company keep staff busy and not lay off employees.It won’t be great savings though.You’ll still have the same materials, warranty, and end product.The quality of the roof will be the same as long as the installation was done correctly.But you’ll generally find that roofing contractors will run a sale, or a discount during winter months to help the company stay busy with work.This could make the winter months more attractive from a cost perspective for homeowners looking to replace their roofs.

Shingle roof replacement process

At the end of the day, the shingle roof replacement process remains the same!We specialize in residential roof replacements with the top roofing choices being asphalt shingles or metal roofing.Both of these roofing materials can be installed in any season and our team is ready with the expert roofing knowledge to give you a quality roof that will last.So whether it be the spring, summer, fall, or winter - call Cenvar Roofing to get your free roofing estimate today!

Roof replacement pictures for every month of the year

January This roof was replaced by our Lynchburg roofing team in the winter season. That didn't stop us from protecting this home!

February Our Charlottesville roofing crew put on this harbor blue shingled roof in February.

March That isn't snow but is a Shasta White roof put on by the Charlottesville, VA branch in March!

April Another roof was put on by our Harrisonburg, VA branch in April.

May May is a great time to have a roof replacement in Lynchburg!

June Our Richmond roofing team but on this Chateau green roof in June.

July Another green roof was replaced in July by our Roanoke team!

August A bright and sunny day for this roof replacement in the New River Valley area in August!

September A roof replacement in September is no problem when you're in Richmond looking for us to be your roofing contractors!

October A quiet time at the lake in October for these roofs to be replaced by our Roanoke team.

November is still a great time to replace your shingled roof in Lynchburg, VA.

December December is a great time for a roof replacement in Roanoke, VA.

To wrap it all up

The best time to replace your roof comes down to your home's needs.Do you have an active leak? Now would be a great time if a repair can't do the trick.Have you been told by a roofing professional that the lifespan of your roof is almost done? It's time to replace your roof.The different seasons bring challenges for the roofing contractor but quality should still be the focus.Virginia is a great location to have a quality roof replacement year-round.Don't let the weather or temperature frighten you!

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