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Pros and Cons of a Metal Roof in Lynchburg, VA

April 3, 2023

There is a growing number of homeowners wanting a metal roof in Lynchburg, VA. It is not just the wonderful soothing sound of rain hitting the roof that has made metal roofs more popular. They are now the second choice of roofing materials underneath asphalt shingles. Here are some pros and cons when it comes to a metal roof.

Why should I choose a metal roof?

Metal roofs are very durable and have a long lifespan. They can last over 50 years if maintained well. State Farm even writes, “But no matter what roof style you have, metal roofs can be an attractive option because of their longevity, minimal maintenance, and energy efficiency.”  Metal roofs can also withstand high winds, are waterproof, and are fire-resistant. They will stay 100 percent non-combustible their entire lifespan. If installed correctly, some metal roofs can withstand winds up to 120 miles per hour and are very impact resistant. Metal is a slippery surface that will also help the rain, snow, and ice slide right off. This can help remove any concerns about snow and ice building up on your roof. There is also the option of installing snow guards on your roof to help snow and ice not fall off at once, harming someone. Metal roofs also require less maintenance and upkeep and generally need fewer repairs. They should be checked periodically to catch any problems, but if installed correctly, they are less susceptible to leaking.

They are also energy-efficient, which can save you money on monthly heating and cooling bills. Metal roofs reflect the sun and heat instead of absorbing it, which can reduce cooling up to 25 percent. They are also environmentally friendly since they have a longer lifespan, so they don't need to be replaced as often, they consist of at least 25 percent recycled materials, and metal is 100 percent recyclable. Metal roofs are also stylish! They come in all different types of metal, colors, finishes, and even shapes. At Cenvar Roofing in Lynchburg, VA, we offer 21 unique color options for your metal roof! Our metal roofs come with a 40-year paint and a 40-year warranty. Check out our metal roofing page!

What are the problems with a metal roof?

Metal roofs have so many pros but that comes with a higher price tag. They can be as much as 2-4 times more expensive than asphalt shingles depending on which type of metal you choose. Metal roofs have higher labor costs because they are more difficult to install. They also generally require less maintenance but that depends on if they were installed correctly. Most leaks in a metal roof come from the screws and fasteners not being installed correctly. Metal roofs are also prone to expand and contract as they get hot and cold.

This can put a strain on the flashing and dislodge some of the fasteners over time making them need to be replaced or repaired. It is very important to choose a quality metal for your roof because low-grade metals can rust and dent easier and to get a professional roofer to install your metal roof correctly. Poor quality installations can lead to serious damage. They also are louder during storms, but some people love the sound of rain hitting the roof! Another disadvantage to metal roofs is the inconsistency of color matching when getting your roof repaired. You may end up with a color that is a little different than the rest of your roof.

Are metal roofs worth it?

You will see that metal roofs are a very great roofing option. Even with their higher price, homeowners that get a metal roof installed may not have to replace their roof again. However, if you are not planning to stay in your home long-term, it may not be worth the extra cost since metal roofs are pricey. Compared to other roofing materials, metal roofs can last a long time because they are very durable. Asphalt shingles last around 20 years and are not as energy-efficient or environmentally friendly. As metal roofs are 100 percent recyclable, around 20 billion pounds of asphalt shingles end up in landfills. Metal roofs can also increase your home's resale value because of their durability.

What should I look for when buying a metal roof?

There are all types of metal available that can be made in different styles. You can choose from steel, aluminum, copper, zinc, or tin which then can be made to look like shingles, slate, tile, shakes, or vertical panels. The most popular type is galvanized steel in vertical panels. The other options are more specialized making them more expensive. Vertical panels can be installed either as corrugated metal panels or snap-lock metal. With corrugated metal panel roofs, you can see the screws from the top, and snap-lock metal roofs are attached with screws on clips that are hidden.

Once you choose a type and style for your metal roof you will want to decide if you want it painted. No matter what you choose the most important thing is getting a quality metal. Cheaper metals will dent and leak easier, while some quality metals come with a guarantee to never dent. Also make sure you know the warranty of the company you choose, which can be helpful down the road. Cenvar Roofing's metal roofs come with a 40-year warranty!Depending on where you live you may want to consider getting snow guards installed on your metal roof. These will help snow and ice melt completely but help prevent them from falling off all at once. Snow guards are just small triangles or long rods on the edge of your roof. Learn more about metal roofing on houses and it's impact on the inside temperature in this blog.

Next Steps

If you are looking into getting a metal roof or are interesting in getting snow guards installed, give our Lynchburg Cenvar Roofing a call and we would love to help! When you are ready to take the next step in getting a new roof, fill out our free estimate form and we will be in touch with you soon! During this estimate, our sales representative can also answer any questions you have and will help you choose the right type of metal roof that is best for your home! Learn more about metal roof colors and styles.

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