Frustrated by Unreliable Roofing Contractors?

April 3, 2023

I can't get a roofing contractor to keep their word. We hear this all the time. You were the only roofing contractor who would give me an estimate. Or, you were the only roofing company that actually would show up!

We are roofing contractors near you that follow through.

What's the deal with roofing companies not following through? If you google that sentence, you'll find a lot of warnings about roofing scams. You've probably heard the horror stories of people paying upfront before the roofing company completes any work. The roofing contractor then runs off with your money, never to be seen again.Not Cenvar Roofing! We want our business to grow and thrive in the local communities with established branches. What's an easy way to grow a business? If you look that sentence up on google, you'll find that customer retention is a crucial factor.Part of keeping customers as your fan is to keep them happy! We keep you satisfied by following through on what we say we will do—starting with showing up for your free roofing estimate. Simple.

When we make mistakes, we fix them.

Have you also heard of the horror stories where the damage happened on a customer's property, and the roofing company or roofing contractor shifted blame and wouldn't take responsibility? We're human; we make mistakes. But when it's our fault, we accept the blame and work, making it suitable for you.Our goal is not to fix our mistakes. *Our goal is not to make any mistakes*, yet we fix them for you when we do to keep you 100% satisfied.

Is that roofing company local?

We hear from some customers that they had received estimates from roofing contractors from other states. This caused communication issues making it hard for the customer to receive what they were expecting. Cenvar Roofing is a local roofing contractor to Lynchburg, VA - Roanoke, VA - Charlottesville, VA - Richmond, VA - Harrisonburg, VA - and the New River Valley areas.Our service ring allows us to serve the majority of Virginia as roofing contractors from one of our local branches. All of these branches have brick-and-mortar shops where we load up our trucks and head out to work on your roof. Our team lives in these local locations and you may even rub shoulders with them as you go about your everyday life in the shopping centers!

Engaged roofers giving back to our communities.

Building trust as a roofing contractor isn't always easy. It's a big deal to have a homeowner trust a company with their home. How we look to build trust is by following through on what we say we will do, fixing mistakes when we make them, and living and engaging in our communities.You'll not often find a roofing company giving back to a community when they're just looking to rip you off. Cenvar Roofing succeeds because we create happy customers. And we like to give back because we want to see our community succeed.Check out how we've been able to give back to our communities on our Cenvar Gives page!

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