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Choosing a roofer isn't like choosing a restaurant

April 3, 2023

Are you in the middle of choosing a roofer for your new roof replacement? Don't treat it like you would when you're choosing a restaurant to eat at!

How do you choose a restaurant?

You didn't think you'd be reading about how to choose a restaurant on a roofing company's page, did you?

Criteria to choose a restraunt

There are so many options to choose from!What type of food are you in the mood for?How many reviews does the restaurant have on Yelp?Are you looking for fine dining or for something more casual?Is the wait long at one restaurant and not at the one across the street?

Waiting for a roofing company.

When you hear that you'll have an hour wait for the best restaurant vs a 15-minute wait for food that is similar, you might end up choosing the 15-minute wait. Don't treat roofing like this!You need a new roof and you're in the middle of choosing a roofing company. One company is busy and can't get to your roof for a few more weeks. The next roofing contactor can get it done this week. Which one do you choose?

Is there a reason why the other roofer can get to you quickly?

When roofing contractors are busy, usually that's a good thing. It usually means that the roofing company is in high demand, providing quality service for the roofing services you need. Why isn't the other roofing company in a similar situation?If you're looking for a roof replacement, whether shingle or metal, you'll want to take a moment to do some research. What type of quality or service does each roofing contractor offer? What is the quality of reviews like? Are they known in your area as the go-to roofing company to hire?

Cenvar Roofing and roof repairs.

Many people looking for a roof replacement or roof repair might think that they have to pick a solution quickly. They're worried about a current leak or the possibility of more water getting into their home, and rightly so! Cenvar Roofing is able to work with homeowners to provide a temporary fix if we are farther out with our production schedule.

What do you choose when you pick Cenvar Roofing.

When you decide to hire Cenvar Roofing for your roof replacement, you're choosing a quality roof replacement that will last. You choose a roofing company that will be around for your roofing issues should anything happen to your roof. You choose a roofer that operates as an ethical business that does things right without trying to cut corners to save the extra dollar. You may not be getting all the same qualities if you decide to go with the faster option.The decision is in your hands. Don't treat your next hire of a roofing contractor as you would when choosing a restaurant. It's a 50-year choice, not something that will satisfy you for the next 45 minutes.

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