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A Ranch Style Roof Replacement In Richmond, VA

Stephen Vernon
April 3, 2023

Hermond Midgette has owned his ranch style home in Richmond, Virginia since 1993.

He had known he’d need a new roof for about 10 years, but he put it off because it was difficult to decide what material to use, and to find a good roofing contractor he could trust.In October 2020 the water damage progressed to the point where a roof replacement was urgently needed, so Hermond knew he had to act.

His Google search for “roofers near me” brought up a list of roofing contractors. He decided to call the top 3 results, one of which was Cenvar Roofing.

The Estimate Process

Hermond requested estimates from three different Richmond roofing companies, hoping to find the perfect fit for his needs. When Thomas Payne, the Richmond General Manager, arrived to do the estimate, Hermond was impressed. “When [Thomas] came out he’s the only one who went up on the roof and measured - and that impressed me a lot” Hermond said. “He was very trustworthy and thorough right from the start.”  

According to Hermond, Thomas was the only contractor who actually climbed onto the roof to measure and inspect it, and the only person who provided an exact quote afterward. This combination of thoroughness and professionalism - along with a very competitively priced quote - gave Hermond confidence that Cenvar Roofing was the right company for the job.

The Roofing Project

Hermond’s roof replacement was scheduled for early December. When the day arrived, the crew arrived bright and early at the scheduled time. Hermond very much appreciated this punctuality.“I had no problems [and] good communication throughout the process,” said Hermond. “If anything deviated, Thomas communicated well the entire time.” The asphalt shingles Hermond chose were Owens Corning TruDefinition Duration Architectural shingles in the shade Onyx Black. He was excited about these shingles because of the 50 year lifespan, which is a major increase compared to his existing shingles.

When the crew tore off the roof, they found existing water damage around the chimney.

To prevent this happening again in the future, the team decided to build a cricket (a v-shaped, sloped structure that diverts water away from the chimney and down the roof.) This extra work was done at no additional cost to Hermond.

The End Result

The rest of the project went smoothly and was finished on time and on budget. This pleasantly surprised Hermond, who said that companies who deliver on their promises are hard for him to find. When Thomas came by to pick up the extra materials and do a final check, Hermond gladly wrote the check in full.

“I’ve dealt with a lot of companies in my lifetime, and  there are some good ones, some bad ones, and some really good ones.”

he said.

Cenvar was a really good one. [They] did the work and I have complete confidence in them should anything happen.

To learn more about Hermond’s experience with Cenvar Roofing, watch the video below

Choose Cenvar Roofing For A Great Roofing Experience

Providing an excellent customer experience is our top priority, and we are proud to say that the excellent experience Hermond had is the standard we hold ourselves to for each job we do. If you need a roof replacement in the Richmond, VA area, we would be glad to assist you. Schedule a free estimate appointment today and start the process.

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