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A new roof for the Rucker Family

Stephen Vernon
April 3, 2023
Cenvar Roofing representatives standing outside with sign.

Cenvar Gives 2020 - A Free Roof Replacement In Lynchburg, VAIn March 2020 we partnered with Foster Fuels, Woolridge Heating and Air, and No Roof Left Behind to give away a brand new roof to a member of the Lynchburg community.

We started the giveaway by asking local community members to nominate a friend or neighbor who was in need of a new roof by sharing their story with us. Hundreds of nominations poured in from all over Lynchburg during the nomination period.

After nominations closed, our team read through each application, and narrowed the competition down to 4 finalists.

Each of the finalists had the opportunity to share their story with the community through a series of TV interviews and online features.

The community was then asked to vote for the story they thought most deserved a new roof.

This was done through a live, 10-day voting process. The results were updated in real time, so people could check and see who was in the lead.

Men shaking hands as Cenvar Roofing completes roofing initiative in giving back program.

The winner of the giveaway was the Rucker family.

Mr. Rucker had been the sole caregiver for his wife of 47 years as she navigated multiple health issues.

Recently, their shingle roof had begun to leak severely in multiple places, and there was severe water damage throughout the kitchen, and the rest of the house.

There just wasn’t money for a roofing company, so the Ruckers had been making do, and using pots to catch the water during rain storms.

Just before the contest, Mrs. Rucker was admitted into a rehabilitation facility after a leg amputation.

Due to Covid, Mr. Rucker was unable to visit her.

Aerial view of home that was reroofed as part of Giving Back Initiative - before.

Mr. Rucker was ecstatic when he found out he had won the new roof:

“Y'all brought joy back to me when I peeped through that little peep hole and saw all the balloons and I saw the camera on the porch,"

Rucker said.

"I said, 'Lord have mercy, evidently I must be the one!”
New shingles in Lynchburg, VA

Our team was grateful for the opportunity to serve the Lynchburg community:

"There's a lot of [negative things] out there right now, but just being able to help someone in need is very heartwarming"

said Holton Walker, the General Manager of the Lynchburg branch.

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