5 Questions to Ask Gutter Companies

Stephen Vernon
April 3, 2023

If you’re looking for gutter companies, it's important to ask questions ahead of time. You are looking for a company that’s going to do great work, provide excellent customer service, and offer a top-notch warranty. Here are some of the questions to ask your prospective gutter company before you sign a contract.

5 Questions to Ask Gutter Companies Before You Sign a Contract

1. Will my gutters be installed by subcontractors, or by full-time employees of your company?

The right answer is that your work will be done by company employees. This ensures quality control, and ultimate assurance over who is responsible for the job. A full-time employee is more a craftsman than a laborer. This also assures that whoever is working on your home has been thoroughly vetted and is insured.

2. How many days will each of the gutter companies take to do the job?

For gutter installation, the job should not take more than two days. The first day should involve the removal of and disposal of existing gutters, and the second day should complete the installation of the new system. Be wary of a company that insists the job will take much longer than this.

3. Are all of your employees insured?

The best roofing and gutter companies will be insured to the highest degree. This includes workman’s compensation insurance on all of their employees. Ensuring your contractor has workmans comp in place protects you and your property, and shows that the company really cares about their customers and employees.

4. Will I recognize/know everyone who is working on my home?

The best gutter companies in Charlottesville utilize uniformed employees, so there will never be any question as to who is hanging out on your property and why. You should be able to put a name to every face.

5. How will the clean up process for each of the  gutter companies happen?

Clean-up after a gutter installation should be quick, efficient, and complete. Your property and landscaping should look tidy and completely unscathed after a roofing or gutter job is complete. Look at roofing company reviews to see how clean-up has looked for other customers in the past. The best companies will treat your property like their own: with the utmost respect.

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