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What To Do When A Tree Or Tree Branch Falls On Your Roof

Stephen Vernon
April 3, 2023

Dealing with Tree Damage: Quick Steps for Homeowners

Homeowners are often attracted to homes with beautiful, mature, trees close to the house. These trees often provide shade and privacy and are generally considered an asset to the home and property. However, mature trees aren't always good news for homeowners. During storms, branches from these trees risk blowing off the tree and landing on the house's roof. In this post, we will go over what to do in the unfortunate event that this happens.

  1. Get everyone outside
  2. Call 911
  3. Take photos of the tree/tree branch and roof
  4. Call your insurance company
  5. Have the tree/tree branch removed from your roof
  6. Call a professional roofing contractor
Description photo of an emergency plan for when a tree falls on your roof

1 - Get Outside

You should get everyone outside if a tree or tree branch falls on your house - have an evacuation plan ready for your family in a severe storm or emergency like this. People can prepare for this type of situation by preparing a "go bag," with essential items ready for you to take at a moment's notice. Depending on the level of damage, it may be unsafe to stay in your home.You don't want to risk staying inside your home and having the roof cave in from the damage.It is difficult to assess the damage a tree or branch has caused to the structure without a professional inspection, and it is always better to be safe in a situation with unknowns.

Picture of a phone dialing 911

2 - Call 911

Emergency professionals train for situations like this and they'll be able to advise on what to do next. They may dispatch a fire crew to assess if your home is safe from a potential fire hazard from the damage.There may be power lines and connections attached to your house that also came down when the tree or branch fell on your roof. Keeping yourself and your family safe is the utmost priority.

A fallen tree of a roof

3 - Take photos

No matter the damage's extent, it is wise to have a detailed description and photos of what happened so that you can provide it to your insurance company. They assess the damages and determine compensation.If a fire crew or utility professional comes to your home, you can ask them to take pictures (however, be aware that may not be a service they are allowed to provide). Take note of the different parts of your home that received damage. Only take photos if it is safe to do so.

Descriptive photo for home insurance

4 - Call your insurance company

Your insurance company will also help with the best next steps to take. You may be able to get some or all of the damage covered under your homeowner's insurance policy for storm damage.If the tree or tree branch fell on your roof because the tree was rotted or poorly maintained before falling, you might not receive monetary help for the cost of repairs.If the tree was in healthy condition and only fell because of the storm, you should have an easier time getting coverage for your home. The insurance company might suggest contacting a local roofing contractor to come to your home and cover any holes to protect the inside of your home. Insurance companies are versed in covering the cost of damages and the roofing contractors are professionals at assessing roofing damage and the cost to repair your roof.

Picture of a tree branch on a roof

5 - Have the tree/tree branch removed

A tree removal company is the best way to clear your roof of storm debris. They will be able to remove the tree/tree branch, cut it up, and dispose of it for you.

Picture of a team of employees working on a reroofing project.

6 - Call a professional roofing contractor

Once you have talked with your insurance company and provided pictures, it's time to call a professional roofing contractor. A professional roofing contractor will be able to determine the extent of the damage and the best way to repair your roof.  If you cannot get close-up pictures on the roof, ask your roofing contractor to take photos for you. It is best to repair the roof as quickly as possible to minimize the risk of water damage due to rainstorms. After a storm is a popular time for larger call volumes to roofing companies, and you may find that one roofer can get to your home faster than your first option. You want to ensure that you're receiving high-quality roof repairs or replacements. Don't sacrifice quality for another roofer who can get the job done faster.Many roofers offer a tarping service to protect your home until they can come out and repair the damage to your roof. Many repairs our company works on are from other roofing contractor repair mistakes. Don't sacrifice quality over speed to lead.

Cenvar Roofing

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