Pros And Cons of Roof Repair Vs Replacement

Stephen Vernon
April 3, 2023

How do you know if you need a roof repair or a complete roof replacement? Maybe you’re tired of the style and need an update, or you’re experiencing leaks and drooping ceilings.

Making the right decision sooner rather than later can save you a lot of money, but knowing which choice is the right one can also save you money. So what are the pros and cons of roof repair versus replacement, and why should you choose one over the other? We will describe the pros and cons of roof repair versus roof replacement to give you an idea of which option is best.

The Advantages of a Roof Repair

A roof repair could be a better alternative to a roof replacement for several reasons. However, this choice depends entirely on your circumstances and how damaged your roof is.The advantages of going with a roof repair versus replacement are as follows:

  • Cost: you’ll save more money doing a roof repair because you’re only patching up one area of your roof. There will be fewer materials and labor that you’ll have to pay for in the process.
  • Time: because only one part of the roof is being fixed, it will take less time to repair. Replacing an entire roof could take a long time, more than a week, depending on the material used and how large your roof actually is. Roof repairs will have a large range of time depending on the need and how quickly the problem is found.
  • DIY project: depending on the kind of damage that has taken place, there is the potential for you to have the skills necessary to repair your roof yourself, meaning that you wouldn’t have to pay extra for any labor. Of course, this depends on your skill level and the kind of roof you have. If you have shingle roofing, you may need some asphalt shingles and a few tools.

The Disadvantages of a Roof Repair  

However, a roof repair may not be the best choice in some circumstances. Here are just a few disadvantages to consider if you want to go with a roof repair.

  • It could still be costly: the project to repair your roof may be a lot more expensive than you realize, especially if there is further damage underneath. The costs of materials can add up if you’re unaware of the full extent of the damage to your roof. Making repairs on top of repairs, over time, will add up to more than you’ve bargained for.
  • Not able to see the entire roof: if you’re repairing it yourself, then you may not have the knowledge to know what to look for and spot additional damage to the roof. This means that while you’ve repaired one part, you might have skipped over another area that needs it, resulting in damage that needs to be taken care of in the future.

Roof repair has advantages and disadvantages and should be weighed against each other on a case-by-case basis to make the best decision for your roof and home.

The Advantages of a Roof Replacement

Undergoing a roof replacement over a repair can be a good choice if the damage is extensive or if you want to improve the overall appearance of your home’s exterior. However, it does require a lot of preparation and shopping around to find a licensed contractor who can take care of your needs. Here are the advantages to consider with a roof replacement.

  • Finding and repairing additional leaks and damage: if you’re replacing your entire roof, you’re ripping the whole thing up, which can expose a lot of damage that you may not have been aware of. So instead of covering it up and leaving the problem to worsen, a roof replacement will help eliminate those problems.
  • Replacement increases return on investment: complete roof repairs last long if done correctly. In fact, they should last 30 years or longer. That means they won’t need another replacement for a very long time so you won’t have to spend more money on it again.
  • Hiring a credible roofing company: this is not a project you can take on yourself unless you’re a licensed roofer. Hiring a roofing company also takes all of the hassles out of your hands; they can get the materials and tools needed for the job and will perform all the work for you, leaving you with more time on your hands.

The Disadvantages of a Roof Replacement  

When choosing between roof repair versus roof replacement, there are some disadvantages you should still keep in mind since a roof replacement is not a perfect solution.

Here are some things you should still consider.

  • Cost: roof replacements can get pretty expensive because of how many materials are involved, how long it will take, and the labor cost since you’re more than likely hiring a roofing company to do the job for you. If you are on a tight home budget, then it may not be an option you want to consider.
  • Time: a roof replacement takes longer than a repair. Depending on the material, the roof replacement can take anywhere from one day to a week or so. This can be challenging to deal with as you move around your home and don’t have a solid roof over your head.
  • Disruption to your home: roofing companies start early in the day, which means you’re likely to wake up to hammering and general work overhead while working on your roof. That means disruptions to your regular daily routine that you’ll have to adjust to over time until the job is completed.

With all that said, you may consider getting a roof inspection done, as well as an estimate to see which option is best for you. Calling now to get a free estimate today can save you a lot of hassle in the future and provide you with the right choice sooner rather than later.

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