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Project Replacement Spotlight - Smith Mountain Lake

Stephen Vernon
April 3, 2023

This is one of the most extensive jobs Cenvar Roofing has completed, and it came with several unique challenges for the crew to overcome. However, they rose to the challenge, and successfully installed the roofs, leaving the customers extremely satisfied with the finished result. Enjoy this project replacement spotlight article!

In January 2020, we completed an elaborate commercial project at the Winding Waters Rise Condominium complex in Moneta, VA. In addition to the 15 unit condominium complex, this project also included a 9500 square foot boat dock that sits over the lake, a pool house, and a small shed.

The Story

Kay Moninghoff and her husband purchased a condominium in the Winding Waters complex on Smith Mountain Lake in June 2004. They quickly fell in love with the area, and have spent the past 17 summers enjoying all of the activities the lake has to offer. To the Moninghoffs, their condo is their true home. “Our kids grew up here”, said Kay, “in all the places we have lived and moved, this is the place that we have always come back to.”

As one of the original residents, Kay stepped into a management role at the complex. So when several residents reported leaks in their roofs in the fall of 2019, she needed to take action. After reaching out to three roofing companies in the area to get a quote for repairs, Kay chose Cenvar Roofing.

In addition to being highly recommended, she took note of the professionalism and attention to detail that Christian, one of our sales representatives, demonstrated during the estimate appointment. This gave her confidence that we were the best company for the job.

Christian determined that the source of the leak and water damage was from hail damage to the roof and recommended replacing the whole roof to prevent future leaks. Kay was so impressed by the estimate experience, she requested that Christian be the designated project manager for the job.

Roofing Materials

Kay chose Owens Corning Duration Architectural shingles in the color Pacific Wave for the condo roof replacement. The shades of blue, silver, and grey compliment the siding color of the lakeside property beautifully. At Christian’s recommendation, she chose soffit intake vents, and solar powered attic fans for ventilation in order to maintain the autonomy of each privately owned unit.


The entire project was completed in January 2020. While Kay was initially concerned about the cold weather in January and requested for the roofing work to happen in April, Christian recommended moving forward with the project sooner in order to streamline the process.“The project was so large, and Smith Mountain Lake is such a heavy tourist destination and that made it complicated”, said Christian.

“We felt like our crews would be less of an inconvenience to residents in January, when fewer people were around.”

The Boat Dock Roof

The most unique aspect of this project was the 9500 square foot boat dock. When an old roof is removed, nails and pieces of shingles fall to the ground and are cleaned up by crewmembers. However, the dock is situated almost entirely over the water. This complicated the tear off process because the crews had to make sure the nails and shingle pieces didn’t fall and land in the lake.

Christian decided that the best way to achieve this was to set up tarps along each edge of the roof to catch any debris from the roofing materials before it fell into the lake. “It made it harder for the crews to work efficiently, but it was important to Kay, and to the environment, to keep the lake clean”, said Christian.

The boat dock portion of the project took 5 days total, but in the end, the crew successfully kept nails and debris out of the water, and laid a sturdy, and beautiful, new roof on top of the dock.

The End Result

This roof replacement project was a success for everyone involved. Kay was extremely satisfied with her experience and with the finished result.

“I would highly recommend Cenvar Roofing; we had no issues whatsoever”, she said. “We thought it would be a rough project, but everything went so smoothly. I cannot say enough good things [about Cenvar Roofing].”

The other residents of the complex were so impressed with the job that they unanimously asked for Cenvar to handle the upcoming gutter installation later in the year.

Christian was also happy with the way the project turned out. As the sales representative and the project manager, he had been responsible for every part of the outcome. “It [the project] went off without a hitch”, he said. “The shingle choice looks fantastic, and even now, I’ll drive by the complex occasionally and admire the work because it looks great!”

Choose Cenvar Roofing For A Great Roofing Experience

Providing an excellent customer experience is our top priority, and we are proud to say that the excellent experience Kay and the other residents had is the standard we hold ourselves to for each project we do. If you need a roof replacement, we would be glad to assist you. Schedule a free estimate appointment today and start the process.

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