Metal Roof Replacement on a Farm House In Harrisonburg, VA

Nathan and Lacy live in a beautiful white farmhouse near Harrisonburg, VA. The home was built by his grandfather in 1918, and has been in his family since the beginning. When Nathan and Lacy purchased the house 11 years ago, they repainted the old metal roof that was on the house. Even though the roof

Metal roof replacement in Harrisonburg VA 22802

was repaired and repainted, they knew that it wasn’t a long term solution, and eventually it would need to be replaced.

The Story

Recently, the paint began to wear on the roof again and they knew it was time to replace it. So they reached out to several local roofing companies for quotes. The company they chose asked for a large down payment, and then scheduled the work. Unfortunately, that company did not follow through on their commitment, and the work was never completed. After that experience, Nathan and Lacy were hesitant to choose another roofing contractor,

Metal roof replacement in Harrisonburg VA 22802

but they heard about Cenvar Roofing’s “No Money Down!” guarantee, and that made them feel comfortable enough to start the process over again. “That gave us a level of comfort to trust another contractor,” said Nathan. “Because we were scared to dip our toes into this again,” Lacy added. Ben Phenicie, the General Manager of our Harrisonburg, VA branch conducted the estimate, and immediately put their fears at ease: “He was really relaxed…this was probably the easiest contracting thing we have done,” said Nathan.

The Metal Roof Replacement Process

1. Preparing For Tear-Off

When the crew arrived, they began preparing the roof and the property for the tear-off. They covered the area with tarps and made sure there was nothing in the area that could be damaged as they removed the old roof.

2. Tearing Off The Old Roof

After the crew finished preparing the area, they tore off the old roofing materials.

3. Inspecting The Wood Decking

After the crew removed the old roof, they inspected the wood decking underneath to make sure it was in good condition. They removed any pieces that showed signs of water damage, and replaced them with brand new wood.

4. Installing Drip Edge

Once the decking was removed and replaced, the crew began building the roof. They started by installing the drip edge. This thin metal piece was installed around the edges of the roof to help direct water into the gutters.

5. Installing Ice And Water Shield

Then, they installed ice and water shield around the eaves and valleys of the roof. Ice and water shield is a rubberized material that helps prevent water from seeping into the roof during rain or snow storms. It is a necessary addition to rainy climates like Harrisonburg.

6. Adding Underlayment

Once our crew installed ice and water shield, they began to lay down synthetic felt underlayment. Underlayment is a fabric-like layer that sits on top of the roof decking and separates it from the metal that will be installed on top. Underlayment was the last layer installed before the roof itself.

7. Laying Out The Roof

After the roof was prepared with all of the necessary materials, the crew did a full layout of the roof on the ground. They found the middle of each metal panel and measured to make sure the lengths were exactly the same on both sides of the roof ridge. This step ensured precision in the final result.

8. Installing The Roof

After the team was satisfied with the layout, they installed the roof. They started on one side of the house and worked their way around the house to the other side until the last panel was installed.

9. Installing Closure Strips And Flashing

The final task was to install closure strips and flashing in the areas it was needed to make sure Nathan and Lacy’s new roof was water-tight and able to protect their home. Flashing is a thin metal strip that wraps around the intersection of any protrusions in the roof to help protect the seam from leaks and water damage. Closure strips are dense foam strips that are used to help seal the metal panels on a roof. They guard against moisture and pest infestations, and add an extra layer of insulation to the roof.

Metal roof replacement in Harrisonburg VA 22802

10. Cleaning Up The Jobsite

After the crew finished installing the roof, they cleaned up the jobsite thoroughly. They picked up the remaining trash and debris from tear-off, and used a magnet and blower to make sure the driveway and other surfaces were free from nails. Nathan and Lacy were impressed with how great the clean-up was: “they walked around with a magnet to pick up any loose nails,” said Nathan. “They were very clean the whole time!”

Call Cenvar Roofing For An Excellent Customer Experience

Caring for our customers needs and providing them with an excellent roofing experience is one of our top priorities. We are proud to say that the experience Nathan and Lacy had with our team is the standard we hold ourselves for each job we do. If you need a new roof in the Harrisonburg, VA area, we would be glad to serve you. Schedule a free estimate online or call our office at 540-236-2531 to get started.

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