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Roof Replacement In Lynchburg, VA

Stephen Vernon
April 3, 2023

Lynchburg team replaced the roof of a charming brick home in Lynchburg, VA. When the homeowner, Lucy Wilson realized she needed a new roof on her house, she researched several roofing contractors, and decided to go with Cenvar Roofing after the initial free estimate appointment.

The Project


On the day of the roof replacement  Andrew, the project manager, and his crew arrived bright and early to start the project. The first thing they did was prepare her property for the tear off. This included moving patio furniture off of the porch, and laying down tarps to protect the deck and landscaping.

roof replacement in progress in Lynchburg, VA 24502


Once they finished preparing the property, they tore off the old shingles, nails and other materials all the way down to the thin piece of wood underneath, called the decking. When they did this, they discovered some water damage to the decking. They replaced the damaged decking before moving on with the project.

Drip Edge

After the tear off process was finished, it was time to start building the new roof. The first step was to install the drip edge, which is a thin metal strip that directs water off of the roof and into your gutters and helps protect the roof from water damage.

Ice and Water Shield

roof replacement in progress in Lynchburg, VA 24502

Next was the layer of  ice and water shield. This is a thin rubber material that helps prevent water from seeping through the shingles and into the roof. In rainy areas like Lynchburg, VA this is necessary for every roof, in order to guard against water damage.

Underlayment and Drip Edge

After the ice and water shield was installed, the underlayment was laid down. Underlayment is a fabric barrier that sits between the roof decking and the shingles

roof replacement in Lynchburg, VA 24502

to protect them from any resin the decking may release.Then, the crew laid down a second layer of drip edge to guard against water intrusion and leaks during rainstorms.

Install The Shingles

Once these layers were finished, the crew brought the new shingles up to the roof, and began installing them. Lucy chose Estate Gray Trudefinition Duration Architectural Shingles By Owens Corning. These shingles complemented the brick house extremely well, and added a classic touch to the exterior.

Owens Corning shingles on a roof in Lynchburg, VA 24502

The crew began by laying down a strip of starter shingles around the edges of the roof and covered them with a layer of sealant. This ensured that the seal would be sound for the first few rows of shingles. Then, they installed the rest of the shingles according to manufacturer specifications. When they reached the top, they installed ridge cap shingles over the ridge of the roof. Ridge cap shingles are thicker than the normal shingles, and come pre-bent so that they can fit over the ridge of the roof without cracking. Their shape helps them shed water and debris efficiently.

Install Flashing and Counter Flashing

estate gray shingles on a roof in Lynchburg, VA 24502

The Wilson house had a chimney, which means that chimney flashing and counterflashing was necessary to prevent water damage in the future. These thin metal strips cover the intersection of the chimney and the roof to keep it dry and protected.

new state grey shingles in Lynchburg, VA

Clean up the jobsite and leave

Once the flashing was installed, the crew cleaned up the jobsite, and made sure the driveway and walkways were completely free of nails and debris. Then, they loaded up their trucks and left Lucy to enjoy her new roof.

The Finished Result

new shingle roof replacement in Lynchburg, VA

Lucy was thrilled with her new roof, and with her customer experience:  

“Andrew Ewing and his team were wonderful, very professional and did an excellent job replacing our leaking roof! They were on time, worked very quickly setting up to take the old shingles off and replaced the rotten wood where the roof had been leaking. The entire crew was friendly, hardworking and had the new shingles up in only one day. They took pride in their work and the price was very reasonable. I would recommend Cenvar Roofing to anyone!”

- Lucy Wilson

Our Lynchburg, VA branch works hard to provide an excellent roof replacement experience to each customer we serve. If you are in need of a roof replacement or roof repair, fill out our free estimate form to get the process started! We would love to serve you.

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