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Cenvar Gives 2021

Stephen Vernon
April 3, 2023

Our Giving Back program is an initiative that allows each branch of Cenvar Roofing the opportunity to support individuals and organizations in the local community. Every year, a percentage of each branch’s profits are allocated to a Giving Back fund. Throughout the year, the General Manager of each branch decides how to use those funds to give back to the local community. Here are some of the ways our branches have made a difference this year:

Lynchburg and Farmville

The King Family

This spring Holton Walker, the Lynchburg, VA branch General Manager, was made aware of a local family who was in desperate need of a new roof. Eugene and Carolyn King had owned their home for 21 years, and had needed a new roof since 2017.  They were both retired, and since they didn’t have the money for a new roof, Eugene had been climbing up and patching the roof with old shingles, to get by. Unfortunately, his health had declined and he was no longer able to patch the roof.

When Holton drove out to the home to assess the project, he saw the opportunity meet a need in his community by using some of the Giving Back funds to replace the King family’s roof free of charge. “They were a family that really resonated with me and with some other people in the branch,” said Holton. “It had been weighing on my mind often.”Find the full story about the King Family on our blog!

Roanoke and Christiansburg

The Roanoke and Christiansburg branches found several opportunities to give back to the local community this year.

Cecile Hickman

Cecile Hickman had gotten a quote from another contractor for her roof replacement, and paid a 50% down payment before the work started. When the project started, the contractor carried all of the shingles up on top of her roof, and then left for the day. He would back and install a few bundles every couple of days, but they weren’t installed to manufacturer’s specifications. Eventually, he stopped coming back, even though she had already paid for the work. Cecile was dealing with major leaks in her unfinished roof, so she decided to start over, and called Cenvar Roofing. After the branch heard her story, and inspected her roof, they decided to offer her a new roof free of charge, through the Cenvar Gives initiative.

Kathy Reed

Kathy Reed had just gone through a divorce, and her roof was past due for replacement. The shingles had deteriorated, and the roof was leaking in multiple places. When she called the Roanoke branch, she told them she only had money for a small repair. “There was no way we could do repairs”, said Christian Kiefer, the Roanoke General Manager. “Even if we repaired the whole roof, it would only buy her a year or two at most.”  Titus, one of the Sales Representatives, decided to nominate Kathy for Cenvar Gives, and the branch agreed. She received a brand new roof free of charge.

First Church of the Nazarene

Roanoke First Church of the Nazarene plans to give 1000 holiday dinner boxes away to low income families in the community. These boxes will contain a turkey, and multiple sides as a way to help provide a nice dinner to families who may not be able to afford it. Cenvar Roofing partnered with the effort and donated $1,250 to help fill the boxes.

Shelby Price

The Price family had a persistent roof leak that had been “fixed” by multiple roofing contractors before. They finally called Cenvar Roofing, and upon inspection, we realized the roof was old, and the recurring leaks were going to continue happening until it was replaced. During the estimate appointment, Shelby mentioned a recent death in the family, and that their priorities were elsewhere. So Brian, Caleb, and the entire Roanoke branch decided to deliver them some good news with a Cenvar Gives roof replacement free of charge.


Rapidan Baptist Camp

Rapidan Baptist Camp, a local camp that serves the Charlottesville community, was in need of a new roof on one of their cabins. When he heard about the need, Thomas McGowan, the General Manager of the Charlottesville branch, saw the opportunity to give back to an organization that was serving the community. Cenvar Roofing put a new roof on the cabin free of charge.

Serve The City Projects

Cenvar Roofing was proud to partner with Center Church, a local church in the area, to financially support two Serve The City projects. The first project was an initiative to improve Greenbriar Elementary School in Charlottesville. Cenvar Roofing contributed $2,500 to purchase landscaping supplies, materials, paint, and tools for the project. The second $2,500 donation allowed Center Church to purchase hygiene products, snacks, and other essentials to be packed into bags, and given to homeless individuals in the Charlottesville area.


A Customer In Need

Our Richmond branch received an estimate request from a customer in desperate need of a roof. She had a massive leak in the roof, and had recently been taken advantage of by a contractor who not only failed to fix the leak, but also charged her a large amount for the work. Her insurance company had assessed the current damage and let her know that if she didn’t replace the roof within a few months, they would have to cancel her policy, due to the condition of the home. This woman had just lost her job due to covid, and was struggling to work anyways, due to physical limitations. She didn’t have the means to pay for a roof. After visiting her home, and talking with her, Thomas Payne, the General Manager of the Richmond branch decided that he wanted to gift this woman a new roof through the Cenvar gives initiative. She received a new roof shortly after, and was able to keep her insurance.


This year, the Harrisonburg, VA branch chose to become a sponsor for the Central Valley Habitat for Humanity fundraising banquet. This banquet is one of the ways Habitat for Humanity is able to raise the funds necessary to meet needs within the local community. The Harrisonburg branch has also committed to provide the roof for a new duplex that the Central Valley Habitat for Humanity is building in December. As a company, we are proud to have had the opportunity to give back to members of the communities where our branches are located. Moving forward, we are excited to continue to look for ways to make our communities a better place in 2022.

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