5 Ways a New Roof Boosts a Home’s Value

5 Ways a New Roof Can Increase Your Richmond, VA Home’s Value

  1. Resolve leaks and water damage
  2. Resolve roof sagging
  3. Increase curb appeal
  4. Ensure proper attic ventilation
  5. Manufacturer's warranty

There are many reasons for getting a new roof on your Richmond, VA home. Renovated homes in Richmond, VA sell better thanks, in no small part, to the quality of the new roof that has been installed. We’re going to outline 5 ways that a new roof can increase the value of a Richmond, VA home. Cenvar Roofing is the pinnacle of Richmond roofing, and we know a thing or two about increasing a home’s value.The first thing to look for according to Ramsey Solutions is the roof condition! Let's get into it.

Resolves Leaks and Water Damage

There is little worse than a leaky roof, and if you’re trying to sell your home and want to increase the value of your home, then you’re definitely going to want to take care of leaks and water damage. When prospective buyers come looking through your home, they’ll be paying attention to water spots on the ceiling and discoloration on the walls, and these leaks can be a big turnoff.If there’s water damage visible on the walkthrough, then odds are good that the water damage is even worse behind the wall. That could mean mold, fungus, and even rot. These are things that are going to turn a buyer away immediately, so getting a new roof in Richmond, VA, is a must when selling your home. Getting a proper layer of shingles or tile roof can give you, and the prospective homebuyer, peace of mind.

Resolves Sagging–Which Can Lead to Serious Consequences

Sagging on a roof is bad news, and the sight of a sagging roof might make a potential buyer immediately turn around and get back in their car. The reason for this is that a sagging roof means there are serious problems with the roof–either damage to the sheathing or rot in the joists and trusses. Either of these could spell major problems, as they may result, in the worst cases, in a cave-in.At the very least, a sagging roof is a sign that the house is in disrepair, and the potential buyer is going to need to sink the cost of a new roof into their calculations when making an offer on your home. A Richmond, VA roofing contractor can get your new roof ready for sale, and there’s no one better poised to do that than Cenvar Roofing.

Increases Curb Appeal

A new roof is good-looking, pure, and simple. A roof that has beautiful soffit and fascia, no missing or slipped shingles, no sags, everything perfectly in order—that is a roof that a buyer wants on their home. And the most important repair that you can do to your home when you’re trying to sell it is to increase curb appeal.Studies show that boosting the curb appeal of a home, whether it’s a new coat of paint, new siding, cleaning up the yard–or a new roof–will have far more of an impact on the value of your home than doing repairs that cost the same amount on the interior of the home.So if it’s a choice between putting on a new roof or remodeling the basement, putting on a new roof is always going to pay the biggest dividends.

Ensures Proper Attic Ventilation

A problem in older Richmond, VA homes is proper ventilation in the attic spaces. Improper ventilation could mean dozens of different problems, from moisture problems to vermin infestations to poor air conditioning and temperature control. When you have a new roof in Richmond, VA, buyers will know that the vents are in proper working order and that you’re getting the best possible airflow.

Implements Manufacturer’s Warranty

There’s little that a new home buyer wants more than some solid guarantees about the lifespan of their investment, and when you put a new roof on your Richmond, VA, home, you’ll know that the manufacturer’s warranty is covering you. And coverage means confidence, and confidence means the buyer is willing to pay more.

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