Cenvar Roofing Is An Ethical Roofing Business - Here Is Why

Stephen Vernon
April 3, 2023


Here at Cenvar Roofing our slogan highlights three things we aspire to;  - we are an ethical company, we are expert roofing contractors, and we are engaged neighbors. We take great pride in being an ethical roofing company, because we value our customers and want to do everything possible to give our customers the confidence to trust our company and our work. This manifests itself in every aspect of our business and company, from the licensing requirements we meet or surpass, to the way we handle our payment process. We are intentional to be ethical in each part of our process. Here is a closer look at the ways in which we operate.

Regulations and Compliance

We comply with all state regulations

As a business, we are required to uphold the Virginia state laws as our minimum standard for how we operate and treat our customers. We also have minimum compliance requirements when it comes to licensing and insurance coverage. As a company, we strive to exceed those minimum thresholds. We do this in a variety of ways:

State-issued contractor’s license OR W-2 employee of someone who does

According to state law all businesses within the state of Virginia that are involved in working on projects for homeowners that cost more than $1,000 are required to fall into one of two categories. They must either have a state-issued contractor’s license or they must be a W-2 employee of a company who holds that license. Here at Cenvar Roofing we ensure that every contractor we hire is in compliance with this law before they do any work on roofs, to ensure complete protection for ourselves and our valued customers.

Provide Proof of Insurance

As licensed contractors we are also required to have insurance. As a company, we have workers’ compensation, employer’s liability, general liability, automobile liability, and an umbrella liability policy on file for the protection of customers, employees and the company alike.

We make it a point to provide proof of both our licensure and our insurance to each homeowner even before they ask. This way there is no question in the minds of our clients as to our compliance and their protection.  

We are fully insured per state regulations, and will provide proof

Customer Service

In addition to compliance to state regulations, we also strive to engage with customers in an ethical manner throughout each step of the roof replacement process. Transparency, honesty, and integrity are valued highly by our company, and we do everything in our power to pass that along to our current and future customers in several ways.

Guild Quality

From the very beginning of your experience with Cenvar Roofing, you will see signs of our transparency. Our primary manufacturer pays a third-party company to independently survey each of our customers by asking a series of questions about their roofing experience with us. These reviews are published, unfiltered, online for future customers to read. This provides accountability for our company, and transparency for future customers.

We publish unfiltered company reviews from customers

Our Warranty

Cenvar Roofing is proud to offer 2 50-year warranty options for our customers to choose from: the System Protection warranty and the Platinum Protection warranty. Each roof that we install automatically comes with a System Protection warranty free of charge. This is given because we stand behind our materials and our work, and want customers to feel confident that they will be covered in the event that something goes wrong with either materials or the installation process.

Not A Dime Until You’re Satisfied Guarantee

No down payment required. You won't pay until you're happy with our work

At Cenvar Roofing, our “Not A Dime Until You’re Satisfied” guarantee is our promise to our customers. While most roofing companies and contractors require a downpayment up to 50% before they start the work, we choose to do things differently. When you choose Cenvar Roofing for your roof replacement, you won’t be charged a single dime until you are completely satisfied with the finished result. This is because we are confident in the quality of our workmanship, and we want to make sure that customers are able to be confident with their decision to go with us.

Cenvar Roofing

Here at Cenvar Roofing we strive to be an ethical business that operates above reproach. Our measure of success is to always have satisfied customers - not huge profits. We promise that we will always strive to do what is right, no matter what. The construction industry doesn’t always have a great reputation, but we promise to be different. We promise to do everything we say that we will, for the cost that we quote. Our customers deserve our commitment, and we will deliver that promise one customer at a time.

If you need a roof replacement, and are ready to take the next steps with our company, schedule a free estimate today! One of our sales representatives will come inspect your roof and provide you a plan for the next steps.

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