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3 Environmentally Friendly Roofing Options You Need To Know About

Stephen Vernon
April 3, 2023

Many people are becoming more and more passionate about making decisions that will benefit our environment. From small daily decisions, all the way up to the biggest life decisions, environmental consciousness is becoming more of a lifestyle– and roofing is no exception! The good news for environmentally conscious homeowners is that there are a variety of roofing options that are eco-friendly. Here are our top three:

1. Metal Roofing

Metal is a fantastic roofing material choice for homeowners who want their homes and roofs  to reflect their environmental-consciousness. Metal roofs can be produced from recycled materials, and after its lifespan, a metal roof can be recycled again. Metal roofs can last up to 70 years without wearing out or needing to be replaced. This also reduces your roof's impact on the environment, and makes metal an environmentally friendly roofing material for a variety of ways.

2. Synthetic Slate

Synthetic slate is another great choice for the environmentally-friendly homeowner. Synthetic slate shingles mimic the traditional slate roofing material, but include modern technology that helps them last. Synthetic slate tiles are made from up to 80% recycled rubber and plastic materials, and have been proven to stand up to extreme weather conditions, and harsh sunlight. Synthetic slate roofing can last up to 100 years, making it likely that you’ll never have to replace your roof again.

3. Solar Panels

Maybe you’re not in need of a new roof right now, or slate or metal aren’t roofing material options for your home. Another roofing material option for the environmentally-friendly homeowner is solar panels. Solar panel installation is an option for most roofs, and depending on the amount of direct sunlight your roof is exposed to, solar panels can generate enough electricity to power your home. And with the use of solar batteries, electricity storage is just within reach. Read this blog post to learn more on the best roofing for solar panels.

Whether you choose metal, synthetic slate, solar panels, are interested in learning more about environmentally friendly roofing options, or are simply in need of an inspection or a small repair, Cenvar Roofing is your answer. Our roof replacement crews are second to none in Central Virginia, and we offers 50 year workmanship warranty on all of our work. Schedule a free estimate today to start the process!

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