How Do I Know if My Roofer Did a Good Job?

Stephen Vernon
April 3, 2023
Brian Laverty | Repairs Manager | Cenvar Roofing

Brian L. - Repair Manager in Roanoke, VA

  • Crooked courses.
  • Uneven rakes and eaves.
  • Reused flashing, pipe boots, and other accessories.
"Those are my red flags. That gets me to diving deeper into it to look for correct step flashing, apron flashing, and counter flashing."
Christian Kiefer | General Manager | Cenvar Roofing

Christian K. - General Manager in Roanoke, VA

  • Shingle rows aren't straight, ridge vent or counter flashing is sloppy.
  • The way pipe boots are installed is a telltale sign of whether or not you know what you're doing.
  • Poor clean-up.
"In the winter, all shingles tend to stick up and look wavy. It almost makes me sick to my stomach to look at cold weather installs. (so the roof could look shotty, but in reality, just hasn't weathered) but the sun will make 85% of them completely flat by the summer. "
Caleb Heuneman | Sales Representative | Cenvar Roofing

Caleb H. - Roofing Salesman in Charlottesville, VA

  1. One being they obviously don’t pop lines for the shingles.
  2. Another is how they do the chimney flashing, pipe boots, or vents. Some houses are more obvious than others.
TJ Markham | Repair Sales | Cenvar Roofing

TJ M. - Roofing Salesman in Lynchburg, VA

  • Nail patterns
  • Staggers
  • Overhangs
  • Flex seal
  • Reused flashing
Caleb Knight | Sales Representative | Cenvar Roofing

Caleb K. - Roofing Sales Representative in Roanoke, VA

“The biggest way I could think of to try and broaden a gap between competitors and us before the installation process is to make them look at our proposal to see if:

  • It says they use synthetic felt and ice and water shield at all

   Tar paper is garbage, and some roofers still use it.

  • It says exactly where it’s used because if they leave an area out, their material warranty is voided.
  • It says they’ll register the warranty because if not, it’s basically an under the table job.

Most of the issues I stated involve getting on the roof and prying up shingles with a bar.”These issues would be:

  • Improper length nails for the job, such as 1” and 1 1/4” on a layover.
  • The improper roofing material for the pitch, but this can be a homeowner cheaping out and asking for this
  • Not squaring off headlap corners in woven valleys
  • Orienting the common bond wrong inside woven valleys
  • Not countering the flashing into the brick and mortar or masonry is one of the dumbest mistakes.
  • Installing drip edge in a backwards order on a rolled roof of any kind
  • Not resheathing plank boards that are spaced way farther than 1/4”
  • Not nailing down the bottom flange of pipe boots
  • Trapping all penetrations so that the bottom flange is no longer exposed in the correct overlapping order.
  • If a roofer does a redeck-not installing H clips can come back to bite them. Improper ventilation can cause more warping without H clips to hold them.

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