5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Roof Looking Like New

Roof maintenance goes a long way to keep your roof looking good for years to come! Here are 5 simple ways to keep the lifespan of your roof.

  1. Clean your roof of moss, mold, and debris
  2. Trim back trees and landscaping
  3. Keep your gutters clean
  4. Ensure proper ventilation
  5. Get your roof a tune up

1 - Clean your roof of moss, mold, and debris

  • Moss growing on your roof

You’ve seen the houses that have moss growing on one section of the roof.Why is moss growing on my roof?Moss loves shade which allows for moisture to accumulate and then moss grows by absorbing water through its leaves instead of the roof.How did moss even get up on your roof?Tiny seeds, called spores, can become airborne through wind, rodents, and birds, making their way onto your roof.These seeds then get stuck in tiny spaces between your shingles or other tiny sections and accumulate the moisture they need to grow.Once the moss is fully grown, its spongy texture absorbs water and then has the ability to spread across a roof where shade is abundant.In addition to growing on roofs, you’ll commonly find moss growing on the north side of trees, or rocks.The best way to remove moss from your roof would be to try to spray the moss off your roof and then use a bristle brush to remove the moss from your roof.Be careful here to not brush too hard as you don’t want to cause damage to the roofing granules on your asphalt shingles.You can find moss remover at most home improvement stores for sale as well.

  • Mold growing on your roof

First off, what does mold on your roof even look like?Mold can look like dirt, or streaks on your roof in black, brown, green, or even white in color.Typically you’ll have algae problems along with the mold.As with moss growth, mold will typically show up on a roof that keeps water or doesn’t dry off from past rain storms.Yes, moss can grow on metal roofs as well so it’s important to consider metal roof maintenance as well!The least expensive way to remove mold from your roof would be to mix water and bleach together and spray this onto your roof. Be sure to rinse everything off with water when you’re finished.You can also find stronger sprays for your home and roof at local home improvement stores.Roof maintenance takes time but it’s well worth the effort and cost savings down the road.

  • Debris on your roof

If you take the time to remove tree branches, leaves, and other debris from your roof, you’ll be able to look for damage to your roof.A common place where debris likes to accumulate would be behind a wider chimney.If your chimney doesn’t have a cricket, you’ll find that debris will lodge behind the chimney and collect leaves and other smaller debris and will be a great spot for water to sit.If larger tree branches have fallen on your roof, it’s a good idea to remove those and make sure that your roofing shingles, or metal roof, didn’t sustain any damage.

2 - Trim back trees and landscaping

Trimming back trees and landscaping from your roof is a great way to keep your roof looking like new.Step two is a great way to get rid of moss, mold, and debris from accumulating on your roof.Hopefully, you’ll have more access to sunlight to allow your roof to dry off after a rainstorm or snowstorm.You’ll have less debris falling on top of your roof lowering the chances of branches accumulating together and allowing for water to pond.If you trim back landscaping away from your roof, you’ll have fewer chances of friction between branches scraping against the shingles.This is a great shingle roof maintenance opportunity.Your gutters will also thank you for trimming back trees and landscaping because fewer leaves will now have the opportunity to clog your gutters.Who knew that gutter maintenance could fit inside roof maintenance?

3 - Keep your gutters clean -

Keeping your gutter system clean is a great way to keep your roof looking like new!When the rain comes, the rainwater flows off the shingles, off the drip edge, and into your gutters. Your gutters then take the water away from your home.When you clean out your gutters, chances for a leak diminish.Full gutters allow for water to pond, which in turn allows the water to start climbing back up underneath the shingles and onto the underlayment on your roof.When gutters and downspouts aren’t cleaned properly, the water may not drain causing an overflow that could damage the interior and exterior of your home.Also, water might be able to penetrate the roof decking allowing for the wood to rot and cause waves on your roof.A great way to keep your roof looking new is to take care of your gutters which take care of your roof!

4 - Ensure proper ventilation -

Proper ventilation for your roof helps with preventing condensation.Your home produces incredible amounts of moisture as you take showers, cook, keep your home warm, do laundry, and do typical home tasks.This moisture travels up and finds itself in your attic or ceilings.If the underside of your roof is cooler and meets with warm air, condensation happens.Proper ventilation allows for the warm air to escape.If your roof is not properly ventilated, condensation allows for mold growth to take place for your roof decking and even causes concern for your roof’s rafters.If your roof has no ventilation, your attic will become extremely hot which causes damage to the decking, underlayment, and even framing.According to Roofing Contractor, your roof lifespan can be reduced by at least 10% for shingles installed above unvented attics.““We see roofs that are 10 years old and are toast,” said Bellis. “Often it’s the south and west slopes with extremely accelerated aging. Improper attic ventilation surfaces first on those slopes because of the increased sun exposure they receive. We call it, ‘The Tale of Two Roofs.’“We worked on a project with a house addition. The roof decking was wavy like a roller coaster. The decking was rotted and unsafe to walk on. There was zero attic ventilation,”Another great way to keep your roof looking like new is to have proper ventilation!

5 – Get your roof a Tune Up!

These roof maintenance tips can go a long way in keeping your roof looking new.Instead of being surprised when you have a leak, a consistent look at your roof will allow you to have a great-looking roof!How often should your roof be maintained? We’d suggest a roof tune up every 3-5 years!A roof tune up allows for your roof to be cleared of all debris.The caulking on counter flashing and exposed nails will be checked and fixed as required.Nail pops will be pulled and reset.Your pipe boots will be repaired or replaced as needed.And if your roof has a fan, it’ll be checked to make sure your attic has proper ventilation.Having an extra set of eyes on your roof occasionally is a great step if you want to have a longer life expectancy for your roof.Call Us for Your Roof Tune-up!

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