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Lynchburg has been the home of Lynchburg Roofing since the company’s founding in 2012. In 2019 we changed our name to Cenvar Roofing for the benefit of our non-Lynchburg branches located in communities around Virginia. 

The best roofer in Lynchburg, Cenvar Roofing, has brought its unique customer-first approach to the area. With our office strategically located off Timberlake Road, our crews are able to efficiently service the entire Lynchburg region, from the Forest community close to our office out to Bedford, north to Amherst, east to Appomattox, and as far south as Gladys.

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Best Roofer in Lynchburg


Cenvar Roofing prides itself on creating a superior customer experience not commonly found in the home service industry. We ask for opinions of all our customers and actively react to constructive feedback. The GuildQuality reviews (left) display the results of independent third-party surveys of 100% of our customers. These results are published whether positive or negative and provide keen insight into how our customers view our company, products used, service provided, communication and many other categories. Feel free to take some time to review these results!

Additionally, we have public profiles (below) available for public reviews for the Lynchburg branch. These reviews may be from customers, neighbors of customers, or general members of the public and give their personal opinion of our company. The Lynchburg public has also collectively voted us the best roofing company for the only three years the category has existed.

Roofing Services in Lynchburg


Our branch specailizes in roof replacements throughout the entire Lynchburg greater area. Our three full-time crews stay busy working for homeowners by exclusively installing roofing systems according to manufacturer’s specification. With industry leading materials and warranties, there are no roofing contractors in Lynchburg who can best Cenvar Roofing in roof replacements!


Roof repair is a learned skill. That skill is honed over years of diagnosing problems and completing roof leak repairs. Our service department in Lynchburg contains highly specialized craftsmen dedicated to helping homeowners repair leaks in their roof. While it is not a proven method, it can provide your roof more years of life and delay a full roof replacement.


While homeowners commonly focus on roof replacement, gutter replacement in Lynchburg is the perfect complementary service for when the roof is replaced. Most gutters have similar lifespans as roofs and replacing gutters after a roof replacement helps prevent gutters from being damaged. Let us know if you are interested in replacing your gutters.

Best Roofing Contractor in Lynchburg


We realize that that home service is not an industry known for its supreme customer service, but Cenvar Roofing wants to change that! We operate on the premise that we need to provide “such a great experience customers will want to do it again.” If you have been around roofing or construction of any type, you will understand just how crazy that is!


We feel so confident in our expertise to deliver a high quality product that we require no money down and you only pay when you’re 100% satisfied with the finished roof replacement! We stand by our guarantee of “not a dime until you’re satisfied” and are proud of offer this to our customers.

Roof Replacement

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Cenvar Roofing - Ethical. Expert. Engaged.


Our local Lynchburg branch is part of a much larger company that is committed to having integrity in all aspects of business. Whether it’s the products we install, the installation, the employees, or the processes we have in place, Cenvar Roofing strives to take the high road.


The three roof replacements crews and our roof repair crew in Lynchburg are certified experts. With countless hours spent on roofs, we can confidently say that no other roofing contractor in Lynchburg are more expert than we are!


Giving back to the community is in our DNA. We install roofs for Habitat for Humanity homes, volunteer our time within the Lynchburg community, and always look for additional opportunities to improve this community we all share.

Hey, I'm Holton!

I’m excited to be able to live in and serve the greater Lynchburg community within my role as general manager of the local Lynchburg branch. Filling the shoes of the founder of the company can be difficult, but it is also wonderful to be able to have such a support system that allows us to provide our homeowner’s the peace of mind you desire. I look forward to speaking with you when you book Cenvar Roofing to serve your roofing needs.

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